Private Lessons with Lisa

Yes, I make Housecalls!

I decode dog behavior and make it easy for you to understand what your dog is "saying". Best of all, I make it easy for your dog to understand what you are saying!
I will bridge your communication gap so you can have the relationship with your dog you have always wanted.

Visit my "Meet the Trainer" page for more information about my accreditation, philosophy, and experience.

I offer single visit rates for simple issues as well as affordable packages and behavioral plans for issues that require more time. You can pay using cash, check or even credit card.

Call or text me at (954) 415-8132 or e-mail to schedule your visit today. Your dog will thank you!

Dog Blessed Training for dogs & people

Dog Blessed Training is devoted to closing the communication gap between dogs and people. I train dogs & people the way they want to be trained....with clarity and compassion. Training your dog does not have to be a mysterious process.

Help For Difficult Dogs
I work with dogs who have been labeled stubborn or dominant. Including dogs who don’t like other dogs.

I work to improve the quality of life for dogs and owners....It's never too late to make it better!

I have a special interest in treating dog aggression issues. I teach proactive management for under and inappropriately socialized dogs. Having a plan keeps everyone safer. My individualized plans help you to manage the unwanted behaviors you are eliminating while you reinforce new behaviors that are desirable.

Meet the Trainer

for Dogs and People

Dog Blessed Training

Wonderful Dog Walks

I specialize in the "Coached Dog Walk", so that you can enjoy dog walks without pulling. A good dog walk has 2 ingredients: attention and position. Most people give up and do not have great dog walks. Let me train your dog to pay attention to you while you both enjoy a great walk together!

Successful House Training Made Easy

House Training does not need to be difficult or stressful for you or your dog. I know the scientific proven methods that make it easy for your dog to make the right choices and be successful!