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Meet the Trainer

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Lisa Hamburg CPDT-ka 


I am both a dog trainer and an author. I founded Dog Blessed Training with one mission in mind, to bridge the communication gap between dogs and people using positive training methods. Using only dog friendly methods, I want to help you improve your bond and communication with your canine best friend.

I also offer private in home training sessions that focus on leadership skills, house training, good manners, and even helping to select or integrate a new rescue dog into your home or preparing your dog for your new baby. I also do behavioral assessments, as well as Canine Good Citizen training & evaluations, Clients can expect a personalized behavior modification plan developed to fit their specific needs. I'm experienced in dealing with aggression issues and the proactive management of under and inappropriately socialized dogs.

Many of my clients have enjoyed my book "The Big O...It's Obedience of course!"  It is a written guide to the 6 weeks Basic obedience class that I have been using and teaching for over 7 years. My book provides clear and concise instructions that tell you not only how to do it...but most important: WHY. Students find it to be very helpful as supplementary reading.
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Education & Professional Memberships

Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed)
Certified Nosework Instructor NACSW CNWI
Performance Scent Dogs lead judge
American Kennel Club Scent Work judge
Professional Member Pet Professional Guild
American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Dog Sport and Competitive Activities

Titled 3 dogs in Rally Obedience level Novice

Titled 2 dogs in Rally Obedience level Advanced
Titled 2 dogs in AKC Novice Obedience (Companion Dog)

Pursuing Title in AKC Open Obedience (Companion Dog Excellent)
All family dogs participate in Fun Nosework

Preparing for national Nosework competition with 2 dogs
Titled 1 dog in NACSW Nosework Novice and Advanced

Working on Performance Scent Dog Titles with 3 dogs
3 family pets are Certified Canine Good Citizens