"Gracie was a fearful puppy that grew into a mid-level aggressive teenager.  And she was biting her sister…a lot.   Something bad was going to happen.  Lisa was the resource we desperately needed.   She speaks dog and she is expert at teaching humans how to speak dog too!  We had really fun group classes with hands on training for each participant (and dog!).   And we did occasional one on one training to concentrate on Gracie’s issues.  Gracie is now very, very happy, and loves to socialize. We (and that includes her sister Lucy) are really happy too because we speak Gracie!  And if you say “Lisa” in the house, Gracie’s butt wiggles so hard we think her tail is going to fly off.  " --Andrea Corman


Fun Nosework is all about having fun! Teach your dog to use their nose to search out specific scents indoors and out. Dogs and handlers can work toward competition or just play for fun.

Bridging the communication gap with positive training

Private training

for Dogs and People

Fun Nosework

Would you like your dog to be a more polite housemate or walk nicely on leash? I have Group Obedience Classes: Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner Obedience,Advanced Obedience and Canine Good Citizen.  Sign up today!

Some problems can't be addressed in a group setting. Luckily, I make house calls! Make an appointment for issues from housebreaking to introducing a new dog to your household, or even baby proofing your dog.

Group OBedience Training
Dog Blessed Training

"My dog, Julie, though highly intelligent, had many behavior issues and needed a mentally stimulating activity.  Our veterinary behaviorist recommended Noseworks to us to work her mind.  Julie has blossomed under Lisa's Nosework class training and is no longer exhibiting many of the behaviors that she had in the beginning.  We have also taken obedience class with excellent results too!  We highly recommend Lisa Hamburg as a trainer to all of our dog lover friends!" --Polly Jacobsen

"Lisa has guided me with many foster dogs and our own pets over the years. She helps you build a better bond with your pet while making it interesting and fun. My dogs adore her and I always enjoy my time being trained by her as well...because it requires human training too :). If you want to enjoy time with your dog and learn to have a better human canine experience; call Lisa. Your dog with thank you for it!" --Lou Hudek